Are You Ready To Be Alpha Male?

The qualities of an alpha male are often misunderstood and this confusion can start way back in school. Go down memory lane during those high school or college years and think about the kind of guys who were considered the “top dogs” in class.

Most likely, there were the “bad boys”, the kind that always seemed to get the hot girls or trample over those who were perceived to be weak. But the truth is being an alpha is not about bossing people around, bullying others or acting like a jerk.

There is more to being an alpha male than simply putting on an “I don’t give a damn”, “don’t mess with me”, tough guy kind of attitude.

Being an alpha male can be beneficial on many levels. By achieving this status, others view you as the person to seek for inspiration or motivation.

As the alpha, you become the man that women want and a leader of men. So, how do you get there? This guide will sure with you 11 amazing tips that will make you the top dog.

1) Carry Yourself with Confidence All the Time

The number one strong suite of the dominant man is confidence. Confidence can mean different things to different people. In the context of the alpha male, this trait has nothing to do with being cocky or arrogant. It’s about being self-assured, not needing validation from others, and believing in your abilities. If you can do this, both men and women will respond to you in a more positive way. In fact, confidence is what turns on women and makes them feel safe around self-assured men.

Apart from internalizing confidence, you also have to show it. From your posture to hand gestures, to how you speak, the way you act in public speaks volumes to those around you. Ideally, you want those signals to be strong and confident and not those that exude anxiety or self-doubt. To act the part of a confident guy, learn the art of body language. For example, maintaining eye contact and steepling are two common cues that signal confidence.

2) Learn to be Bold and Face Your Fears

Average men (also known as Betas) take the easy way out when dealing with difficult issues in their social, personal, financial and even professional lives. The fear of failing is what holds them back from becoming potentially great men.

On the other hand, dominant males muster up the courage to go against the grain and attempt what they have never done before even when the possibility of failure becomes engulfing. Therefore, seek that which you fear and tackle it head on. For some, this might be quitting a job to start a business or going back to school at an older age to acquire more skills. For others, that may mean facing up to a bully or mastering up the courage to ask a girl out. Remember that being bold and facing your fears will only make you stronger, and that’s what the top dog is made of.

3) Let Tenacity be Second Nature

Above all else, alpha males are tenacious. They don’t back down from a challenge. Instead, they work hard and never give up. And when the going gets tough, so do they. To them, pain is temporary and glory is forever. In the same vein, you should learn the art of perseverance in order to be a true leader.

4) Have a Sense of Direction or Purpose

One thing that makes alpha males great men is that their lives have a sense of direction. So, what are your most important priorities in life? This can be, but not limited to, your family, career, spiritual life or a special cause? Find your purpose in life and let it be the thing that drives you forward. This will keep you focused and give your daily actions meaning. Most importantly, it will push you pursue greatness, which is what these men strive to achieve.

5) Know Your Values and Live By Them

The average beta tends not to be cognizant of his values. He often lets his peers define him. If you’re going to be the boss, you have to define your values and be unwavering on them. Your values can be anything from having a respect for others, to standing by your religious beliefs. These basic pieces make up your personality, so it is important you know what they are as well as meditate and live by them.

6) Adopt Leadership Traits

As an alpha male, people should look to you as a leader. This not only means taking charge of situations but also doing things well and leading by example. Start in your immediate surroundings at home by being the sibling or parent that never hesitates to take responsibility over others. There are many other ways you can nature your leadership skills further. For instance, try being a leader in the workplace. Alternatively, vie to become the patron of a club, social welfare group or local committee. Practice being the kind of leader that people will want to follow and not the person they have to listen to just because he was the first person to volunteer for the job. With time, you’ll learn how to lead others and assert yourself in the process.

7) Build the Body of an Alpha Male

Masculinity and strength are two of the most common traits that epitomize the embodiment of an alpha male. Even in the wild, the dominant animals are often gifted with superior physical attributes such as strength, size, or speed. While not all men are genetically gifted to be muscular and strong, you can still build a ripped, healthy body by exercising and eating right.

Alpha males know that getting in shape can make their life a lot easier. For instance, women find physically fit men attractive. They feel safe being around a strong man. As an added bonus, other guys will respect you if you’re strong and muscular.

It’s never too late to start building the body of your dreams. Join a gym, start lifting weights and maintain good nutrition. By doing so, you will be well on your way towards being deemed more masculine and physically dominating.

8) Know how to Treat Your Lady

One of the reasons why alpha males have lots of success with women is because they know how to treat their ladies. Let’s go over a few good habits that you can use to win over the ladies:

  • Open the door for her
  • Pull the chair when settling down at the table
  • Get the bill
  • If she’s cold, put your blazer or coat around her

Unfortunately, these age-old gentleman practices have been lost in part due to the utter emasculation of men in our society and misconstrued “feminism”. However, remember that simple gestures like those mentioned above will make the woman that you win over to see you as her knight in shining armor.

9) Dress Like The Boss

If you want to be an alpha male, then you need to look the part. And what better way to stand out than using fashion to your advantage? Fashion plays an important role when it comes to perception. If you dress like a clown, then the chances of being treated with the respect bestowed upon an alpha male will surely fly out the window. They understand the importance of dressing up for the occasion or setting and they create a unique style based on that. So, try to dress better than the guys around you. This will help you stand out more.

10) Protect Those Who Need Defending

As a tough guy, you’re strong, self-reliant and can stand up for yourself. Therefore, you have a duty to look out for those who were not blessed with those attributes, or have not yet developed them. A true alpha male defends the vulnerable and he could even die defending his loved ones from physical threats. If you want to be this guy, keep in mind that other people will depend on you financially, for wisdom, spiritually, or emotionally. Therefore, you should be willing to protect loved ones and the oppressed in every way.

11) Watch and Learn From Other Alpha Males

One of the best ways to learn how to be the top dog is to emulate other male figures that you consider fit for this title. This could be a key celebrity figure that you admire or an individual who has gone down in the annals of history as the most badass person ever. If it’s a dead national hero, read historical books and then try to extrapolate and imitate the positive traits of your new role model. For individuals who are still alive, watch how they talk, stand and act in public. In addition, take note of how they look and dress. Alpha males have a way of making their presence felt because of the confidence they exude, so you can learn a lot from them by simply observing.

How to Get There

All of the traits, values, and attitudes mentioned above can be learned and adopted. With time, they will take root as part of your core being and manifest in your character. You might have more areas to work on than others do, but once you master how to become an alpha male, this will be beneficial in every aspect of your life.

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